Special deluxe collectors edition CD includes fully remastered audio, 16 page full color booklet, 4000 essay about the making of the album, new interview and enhanced artwork, TRACK LISTING: 1. FEEL THE SHAKE 2. MAKE SOME NOISE 3. BAD DISEASE 4. FIRE IN MY HEART 5. HOMETOWN BLUES 6. LOCKED IN A CAGE 7. TALKIN’ 8. HARD CLIMB 9. BLOODSTONE 10. SNAKEBITE


Alive 2017



Founded in 1983 by guitarists Billy Rowe and Fernie Rod, JETBOY continues to carry their style of Rock N' Roll into the 21st century with the same fury that existed 25 years ago. Long recognized as one of the perfecters of the glam genre, JETBOY was one of a handful of acts that got the attention of music fans and record executives alike. While Hollywood was loaded with musical talent, San Francisco had but one true leader at the time, and that leader was JETBOY. Now a cross-generational powerhouse, JETBOY is experiencing a resurgence in popularity that can only be attributed to their musical relevance. Rock N' Roll fans the world over are beginning to revisit the music that helped to shape a generation, and is now becoming the soundtrack for their offspring. Songs like Feel the Shake, Heavy Chevy, Stomp it (Down to the Bricks), and their up rocked up version of Folsom Prison Blues have struck a chord with an increasingly more discerning audience. Celebrating their 25th anniversary In 2008, the founding members of JETBOY are dedicated to bringing the party atmosphere back to Rock N' Roll. Continued->